About Us

Welcome to Flying Goose Fabric, LLC.  My name is Susanne Aldridge. I am recently retired from thirty eight years as a high school math teacher who was blessed with the opportunity to impact our future leaders .  I am married to my best friend, Steve.  We have busy lives with our four grown children and their families, especially our six wonderful grand kids.  We live in the northwest corner of Arkansas in the town of Springdale.  In the four decades that we have lived here, we have watched our community change from a predominately rural community with very few minorities to a very diverse group of almost a half million people.

I have been sewing since I was a child.  I know that I had the best dressed Barbie doll in town--at least I thought so.   I remember making a baby garment for our neighbor who had just had a baby.  I was probably about seven or eight at the time.  That wonderful lady dressed her poor baby in that garment and showed her off to me and bragged away.  I was hooked for life.  I love the feeling of accomplishment that I get when my creative juices get to flowing and my sewing machine starts humming.  I have to admit that I probably need an intervention on the whole fabric issue.  My sewing room is overflowing with fabric---and that was true even before I opened a fabric store.  I love to walk through fabric stores and stroke the fabric!  How a bolt of fabric feels is the first test of quality.  Our corner of the state has some nice quilt stores, and they carry good fabric, but they just didn't carry the designers that I wanted. I was looking for something a little more updated in both color and design.  Riley Blake Designs and Art Gallery Fabrics have just the fabric that I was looking for.  They are perfect for both quilting and garment construction.

In recent years I have gotten hooked on applique and embroidery.  Whatever you do, don't go into a store that sells embroidery machines and let them demonstrate one for you.  The sales people are no dummies, and they will put you on an embroidery machine "to just give it a whirl" and before you know it you are the proud owner of one.  To feed my new addiction, I needed embroidery blanks.  In my case, those are just un-decorated baby gowns, one-piece-rompers, bibs, and hats.  I couldn't find a good supply of these.  I make LOTS of baby gifts, and not finding the blanks locally or being required to have a wholesale license to order them was a problem for me.  (At the time I did not have a wholesale license and had no desire to get one.)  The majority of the ones that were available to me at the retail level were thin cotton ones.  I wanted high quality cotton.  In order to accomplish this,  I got my wholesale license, filled out all the paper work, and now sell high quality 6-6.5 ounce 100% cotton embroidery blanks. Because I have a single needle machine, in addition to ordering completely constructed garments, I ordered some that have an open or unfinished (not sewn) side seam or hidden zipper that makes it easier for those of us that don't want to take out a side seam or use a multi-needle machine. Periodically I will add more colors and more products to this line. 

As a throw back to my card making years using a Sizzix and all of the years of teaching when I went to the education co-op to use their Ellison Dies, I have also decided to sell Accuquilt Go! Cutters and Dies.  This is a natural extension of all of the years of cutting out letters and shapes for bulletin boards.  They go hand in hand with the love of applique that I have, also.  Accuquilt makes such neat applique dies, and the quilting dies are awesome.  I hate cutting out patterns, especially the thirty bazillion triangles or squares that you need when you make a quilt. The Accuquilt does it precisely and easily,  YEA!  so we can quickly make our needed cuts and get right to the sewing.  Now if they just made one for clothing patterns.....